Nearshoring is a good idea for your business?

Nearshoring is a good idea for your business?

Nearshoring is a recent concept that sends IT services to neighboring or close-by countries. It offers lots of advantages to businesses such as convenience, shared cultural values, and a common language. Also, with a similar mindset, it helps boost efficiency without having to deal with language obstacles or various work techniques. Moreover, it reduces the journey time to job sites and holds the project in a time zone that promotes real-time cooperation. The fast digitization of the business world has allowed companies to speed up development. By employing the correct nearshore software developer, you can get over developmental obstructions and offer new solutions for your enterprise.

Nearshoring allows for any-sized company to partner with reliable and cost-efficient professionals. Since the COVID-19 outbreak, numerous operational procedures have been adjusted. To address this issue, we have come up with staff expansion solutions that can assist in decreasing staffing expenses and streamlining logistics.


Using nearshoring to outsource software development has become a popular approach for businesses who want to cut down on their labor costs. This is a great option for managing complicated projects that need to be done simultaneously along the same timeline. If you require a rapid increase in your software development tasks, hiring a nearshoring company can be an effective solution. 

Some businesses prefer to outsource development projects to tech-focused businesses so that they can focus on what they are best at. Generally, this process starts with onshoring, which means finding personnel in the same nation to execute the project, followed by offshoring, in which staff is hired from more distant countries.

A Deloitte survey revealed that 35% of businesses were assessing the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing, particularly the advantages of nearshoring compared to offshoring.

Nearshoring and offshoring are techniques that can yield similar results. However, nearshoring offers a variety of advantages. In this process, software developers from a neighboring country are hired to complete the project. It's simple to locate seasoned developers in neighbouring countries. Moreover, nearshore outsourcing aids in eliminating cultural and linguistic issues that can sometimes impede offshore connections. It's essential to consider the effects of cultural disparities on communication, trust, and responsibility.


A nearshore company is a great resource to enhance, replace or supplement in-house development projects. They provide you with an influx of extra help to avoid staff shortages that could hinder your project. Nearshoring companies can give you access to a wealth of developers with various skills and abilities, saving you the time and cost of recruiting, interviewing and assessing potential candidates.


Good communication and comprehension between group members can facilitate projects going more quickly. As nearshore developers are in the same time zone, scheduling meetings is as simple as gathering with others in the same building. If a physical gathering is required, it is much less expensive to do so in countries neighbouring yours. Dealing with highly technical projects is difficult enough. Removing language and cultural differences can help build the team rapidly and get the job finished faster.


Although the cost savings of nearshoring are not as significant as with offshoring, it is still possible to save up to 33% on wages for each worker. Remote working has made it much easier to hire a nearshore developer without compromising quality, which is the main priority of nearshoring. That is why it is not uncommon to get a better outcome by nearshoring than by offshoring, with cost reduction being a secondary consideration.

It is clear why nearshoring is becoming a popular choice - it prioritizes quality and access to new talent rather than just aiming for the lowest costs possible. This focus on quality is the main reason why the results of nearshoring are often superior to the ones achieved through offshoring.

JoinIT focuses on pairing businesses with the most experienced nearshore software development professionals. Reach out today to learn more about how nearshoring can benefit you, whether you need to meet your next goal or hire a full-time employee.


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